Why VoxOrder?
  Online ordering is good for business. The National Restaurant Association says that 35% of consumers (and 45% of those aged 25-34!) have used the Internet to find out about a restaurant they haven't visited before, and 31% have viewed restaurant menus online.

Once a restaurant begins to take orders online, it will typically see a 5-10% increase in business over the next six months. Loyal customers return via the web site and re-order using their order history, while new ones find an easy way to order that lets them see a full menu with item descriptions and all the options.

Online ordering makes it easier than ever to "upsell" the customer by suggesting complimentary items from the menu. Pizza Pan, a 100-unit chain, recorded that ticket averages rose as much as 18% with online ordering!

So why aren't more restaurants taking orders online?

Restaurant owners identified three primary obstructions to their going online to take orders:

  1. "What if we don't receive the order? Fax machines can fail, and faxes can be missed, and often emails aren't seen for some time."

  2. "Our customers lack confidence in the system. Unsure if their orders actually came through, they end up calling anyway."

  3. "It costs too much."
VoxOrder Solves All Three Problems!

These problems -- and the need for a solution -- led directly to the creation of VoxOrder. Find out why Paul Barron, Publisher of Fast Casual magazine and host of Podcast Grill, called VoxOrder "the revolutionary way to order food online."


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