Press Release
"The Computer Read Me the Order!"
VoxOrder Promises Confidence and Convenience in Online Ordering

BALTIMORE, MD, September 20, 2006 Capalon Communications, Inc., a Baltimore-based provider of Internet and telephone solutions, today launched VoxOrder, a revolutionary online ordering solution for the restaurant and food service industry. VoxOrder solves the problem of missed or forgotten orders that has prevented most restaurants from taking orders online.

Industry experts agree that online ordering is valuable for restaurants and foodservice businesses offering takeout or delivery service. According to the National Restaurant Association, 35% of consumers have used the Internet to research restaurants and menus; among younger consumers the percentage is 45%. Businesses report increases of five to 10% in order volume, and increased average tickets of as much as 18%, after offering online ordering.

Nonetheless most restaurants do not offer this service, and the reasons given most often are lack of confidence and high expense. Because fax machines can break or be busy, and faxes can simply be missed, both restaurants and customers cannot be certain that orders taken online have actually been taken and fulfilled. Given this lack of reliability, the high cost of many online ordering solutions cannot be justified.

With VoxOrder, the initial fax or e-mail is followed up with a telephone call, using automated communications to confirm that the order has been received. If it has not, the VoxOrder system reads off the order with a surprisingly comprehensible and pleasant digital voice. The service then asks the operator to key in how soon the order will be ready and then calls back the customer to deliver order confirmation.

VoxOrder offers a template-driven web site that permits the restaurant's own information, as well as online ordering, to be offered in an economical package. Details can be found at the VoxOrder website, www.voxorder.com.


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